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TEJAVAN's 50gm PURE Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

TEJAVAN's 50gm PURE Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
TEJAVAN's 50gm PURE Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
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Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is made of Ceylon Cinnamon or scientifically called Verum Cinnamom. VERUM means pure in Tamil and Ceylon language. What distinguishes Verum Cinnamon than Cassia Cinnamon is that the later contains high level of Coumarin. (about 400 times higher than in Verum Cinnamon). Cassia Cinnamons occupies almost 90% of world market compare to only 10% or less of Verum Cinnamon. Coumarin is a natural substance which is harmful to Liver Cells. Excessive intake with incorrect level may cause permanent damage to liver in long term.

However, Coumarin content in Verum Cinnamon is very much low and often neglected which, makes it a suitable choice for alternative medicine or herbs. This is the reason for its high cost and rare availability. Verum Cinnamon often used for Diabetic and high chol3sterol treatment. Please note NOT to take more than 6gms a day. It also helps to reduce weight and control obesity.

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