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Dried Parsley FlakesMostly used for Western Cuisines..
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- Habbatus Sauda is of the seeds that has many benefits - It is said by the Great Prophet "It is a cure for all diseases, except death" - A very famous seeds in the Middle East - We are now producing Habbatus Sauda oil for greater benefits and convenience Direction - Take about 5 drops every ..
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Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is made of Ceylon Cinnamon or scientifically called Verum Cinnamom. VERUM means pure in Tamil and Ceylon language. What distinguishes Verum Cinnamon than Cassia Cinnamon is that the later contains high level of Coumarin. (about 400 times higher than in Verum Cinnamon). Ca..
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HARITAKI is an ancient Yogic food which is said to be the food of brain. It is also known to enhance the function of pituitary gland (the 3rd eye) This why HARITAKI is favorite herbs among great yogis and ancient sages Apart from that, taking HARITAKI regularly, curbs Bad Breath problems. HARITA..
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BENEFITS - Helps to Kills canc3r cells - Improve digestion - Helps in Weight Loss - Helps to eliminate body odor - Discharge unwanted wind in body - Anti Aging DIRECTION TIPS: Take 1/2 tea spoon with pure Honey daily You may add to your favourite Teh Tarik as well. PACKAGING - Packed..
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BENEFITS • Nicknamed as the QUEEN of Kitchen • Contains Fibre, Vitamin C, E, K, Potassium, Calcium, Iron & Magnesium • Increases Immunity • Helps to protect against viruses & bacterial attacks • Effective during Flu and Fever • Powerful Anti-Oxidant • Improves Brain Function and redu..
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