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HEALTH TIPS:1. Take about 5 pieces of almond nuts 2. Soak in water for at least 4 hours before going to bed 3. Drain off the water 4. Blend the soaked almond with some water 5. Pour the blended almond and water with a glass of milk 6. Drink before to bed. BENEFITS: - Improves Strength, esp..
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Commonly known as Australian DhalMain ingredient to make Roti Canai Dhal, a most popular breakfast in Malaysia..
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- Another popular Yellow Dhal among the Indian people- Very high protein content- Most preferred for home made dhal curry- Higher quality..
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Another popular dhal among the North IndiansHarvested in India but polished in Sri LankaAnother highly nutritious Lentil..
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Highly nutritious PeasProvides good strength and energyContains high level of Fiber & ProteinHealth Tips:Take 1/2 cups of Organic ChickpeasAdd water and leave overnightDrink the soaked water in empty stomach for strength and vitalityCooking Tips:..
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Roasted Bengal Gram is a very healthy ready-to-eat snackPacked with protein and fiberSuitable snack for weight watchers..
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Split skinless peas is an alternate choice to Australian Dhal and Malawi Thur DhalIt produces less gas compare the above dhalsBest choice for those with gas trouble..
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Ulunthu or Urad Dhal is the main ingredient for making Thosai & VadeiContains high level of proteinFully Organic..
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