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Also known as Carom SeedsA very popular herbs among the Indian peopleMostly used to relief gas trouble and bloated stomach..
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- Popularly known as Habbatus Sauda.- A must have spice in every residences in the Middle East- Black Seeds is well known since centuries for it's magnificent benefits.- It is said in one of the holy books that Black Seeds cures everything, except death.- Recent medical report also suggests that Bla..
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Unique must have spice100% organicHealth Benefits:Natural detoxClears sweat chambersIncreases immune systemEnhances sweatingDirection:Soak 100gm Cumin Seeds in Hot waterYou may drink the water after 10minsYou may also eat the Cumin Seeds. No harm..
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Typical Indian authentic spiceshas been around for thousands of yearsBy chewing a pinch of Fennel Seeds helps to reduce Bad Breath problemImproves digestion if taken raw after a meal..
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- Another popular Indian Spice- Provides appetizing aroma- Apart being used as cooking needs, it's also has great health benefits: 1. It helps to increase sperm counts 2. Helps to increase breast milk production for lactating mothers 3. Improves libido in women 4. Balances hormon..
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Natural and beauty benefits of flax seeds are: 1. Flax seeds contain Vitamin B, magnesium and manganese which regulate body functions. 2. Contains high levels of Phyto-chemicals which, helps in regulating female hormones. 3. Flax seeds also help in menopausal symptoms. Flax seeds have the same ..
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One of the most expensive spiceFluctuates on the priceInner seeds provides very aromatic fragrantMost popular in Briyani dishes..
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One of most preferred spiceAmazing aromaIt has mild anesthetic featureUsually, will be very helpful during toothache. Just start chewing a piece if you have a toothache. Pain will gradually goes off..
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Mustard seeds being described in almost all holy booksEven tough its small but It has an amazing capabilityA bit bitter in tasteCorrect and sufficient amount able to prevent gastrointestinal CancerReliefs CongestionImproves digestionTreats Psoriasis..
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Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods in the world. They are packed with rare-to-obtain nutrients that are important for our body and brain. It has more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries, and more omega-3 than the salmon..
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One of the most popular spice in Powdered Spices industryMain ingredient for Masala PowderHighly fragrantHighly Aromatic..
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Worlds Top 10 best black pepper cornSarawak Black Pepper is well known for its high pungent & woody tasteMost preferred spice for BBQ dishesYELLOW Label Grade A Pepper..
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