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100gm + 25gm Extra NEEM Active tooth paste formulated with Neem extract and Mint Natural Anti Bacterial protection Strengthens and Protects tooth Provide healthy gums Complete care No Animal Fat 100% Vegetarian Halal..
Ex Tax:RM6.95
No. 1 BEST Selling Coconut Oil in India A scientifically filtered edible oil Unrefined Coconut Oil..
Ex Tax:RM5.90
Romano Force Hair Shampoo for MEN Specially formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5. Fragrance Shampoo that gives confidence and charm to Men..
Ex Tax:RM9.90
Dabur VATIKA Cactus Enriched Hair Oil are added with Cactus, Ghergir and Garlic Strengthens weak hair Helps to provide stronger hair from roots Not only strengthens hair but also nourishes scalp..
Ex Tax:RM13.90
- Natural Asafoetida Powder- Helps to relief gas trouble- Import quality from India- HALAL..
Ex Tax:RM8.50
Wonderful fragranceRefreshingPopular since agesAll time favorite..
Ex Tax:RM9.50
- Product of UK - Worlds most popular soap - Popular for it's scents of charming and relaxing..
Ex Tax:RM13.30
- Made from 100% Sandalwood Oil - Sandalwood is a natural anti aging element that helps to keeps our skin youthful - Ayurvedic and Anti-Bacterial Ingredient Soap - Sandalwood fragrance helps to reduce mental stresses - Brings a calm and relaxing environment..
Ex Tax:RM12.50
Ever popular GREEN SOAPWonderful fragranceRefreshingPopular since agesAll time favorite..
Ex Tax:RM10.20
CHANDRIKA Ayurvedic Soap has been in the market for the last 70 over years.The soap of every house hold in India. A very popular Ayurvedic soap. Suitable for oily skin..
Ex Tax:RM8.20
My Kappie Coffee Powder with Chicory Roots Extract. A healthy coffee with extra nutrition..
Ex Tax:RM6.50
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